Thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to look at my work.


My name is Jean-Louis Brassiène. I was born in Aachen (Germany). Recently, I moved to a small village near the Belgian-French border. There, I have started a new chapter in my exploration of visual arts.


I'm learning through self-study and let me guide by intuition. I've a keen interest in the surrealist, impressionist and pointillism movements. Some renowned painters fascinate me such as René Magritte, M. Caram, R. Olbinski, Georges Seurat, Auguste Renoir.


Although the sea and the great outdoors became my home during nearly forty years, sketching, photography and painting remained my secret garden.


Curiosity began rather young with figurative art. So, I started drawing, painting according to classic methods. Since 2017 I used to work with digital techniques. They have reduced costs and seem more flexible, faster in their implementation with a texture very close to traditional mediums (oil on canvas, pastel, red chalk, watercolour). But this choice isn't the point here.


Sea, portraits, nature, sometimes with a surrealist evocation, like the work entitled Death's Gambit (Nr30) are recurring themes. I usually approach them with a touch of concern at the start of the painting stage because I know that the result isn't always certain. Each work is a journey into an unknown land. It has its characteristics which often raises questions about the process to be adopted.


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